Dear Parents,

North Wall Little League is a non-profit, all volunteer organization.  As such, we can best support the players by performing our volunteer hours so the league can afford to maintain the fields and provide a safe environment and appropriate equipment for each team.

Each family is required to perform 4 hours of Volunteer Service (Tournaments, Shack Time, Field Prep, Cleaning, etc.) unless you have purchased the “buyout” option at registration.

Each family will be assigned Shack Time this year upon Uniform Pick Up.  However, there are other days that are also available for volunteering if you need to make up time.  If you cannot make the time you are assigned, it is your responsibility to find coverage.  If you do not find coverage, your bond check will be cashed. 

Below please find different dates available for additional Volunteer time.

Make sure to sign the VOLUNTEER BOOK on the date you volunteer, in order to get your Volunteer Bond check back.  

Most tournaments are covered by Travel Teams, however, if you need Shack Time please feel free to sign up to volunteer.

Thank you for your support of the players of North Wall Little League!