2021 Fall Ball for Baseball and Softball

Registration is Now Open for Fall Ball 2021


2021 PLAYER FEES are as follows:

  • TBall (boys & girls age 5) – $50
  • Baseball/Softball (ages 6 and up)  - $75                                                                   (Additional Children $50 each)

If you have questions or if any local family is having financial issues, please email the NWLL President Anthony Iachello.


About Us

The NWLL program is available to all participants from the age of 5 through 18 years. The structure of the program has evolved annually to account for our increased registration growth, but will typically include Divisions by player age and capability.

Are you thinking about signing up your son or daughter?

Please check out the age-based programs we have for your son and daughter. We believe everyone should have the chance to play baseball or softball. 

Want to make a difference? Become a coach or volunteer!

The Little League manager is more than a teacher. The heart of Little League is what happens between the adult manager/coach and player. It is the manager more than any other individual who controls the situation in which the players benefit.