• If you've volunteered in the past, you need to take the CDC Concussion Course and submit your certificate of completion to 
  • Every year you need to submit a volunteer application

Volunteer Requirements Policy

Safety is a major priority to North Wall Little League Baseball and Softball.  Our goal includes fostering a safe, fun and challenging environment for our players through community support and participation. In addition, our volunteer Program Directors seek to continually evolve our league to meet the needs of the community as we grow and develop our players, facilities and overall program.

North Wall Little League follows the guidelines for Volunteering, Background Checks and Safety procedures from the organizations noted below. 

The guidelines we follow for backgrounds checks and safety are dictated by NJ State statute, Township ordinance and Little League regulation. They can be found using the links below. 

The North Wall Little League  Plan of Action follows the CDC plan. All related forms can be found here:

As such, it is our policy and that of Little League and Wall Township, that all volunteers must be properly screened and approved.  Anyone who will be on the field with our players must wear their Photo ID Badge.

The process for fingerprinting and results can take 2-4 weeks so please make an appointment as soon as possible if you would like to receive an ID card during Photo Night.

For the safety of our players, coaches and guests, there will be absolutely no exceptions.

Volunteer ID Card Process