North Wall Little League - Spring 2017 Fees - it's different this year!

Spring 2017 Fees consist of a Volunteer Fee and Player Fees as described below.

Volunteer Fee

This year the North Wall Little League Board is approaching fees differently, based on feedback from the community, learning about different approaches from other programs in Wall & neighboring communities, and wanting to put a program in place that balances cost with fairness. Please keep in mind that the entire league is made up of volunteers - every manager/coach, board member, volunteer puts in their time so that your children's experience is the best possible. In other words, we need your help! In the past, to create incentives to promote volunteering, we asked parents to pay per family either $75 up front which was reimbursed after 4 hours or a $150 buyout for those that choose to not volunteer. We are discontinuing this program - it proved to be difficult to administer and painful to many of you and even worse to the league board.

Key changes in this year's program:
  • Maintaining last year's standard fees if you register by January 31, 2017
  • Eliminated candy sales
  • Removed the requirement to pay $75 upfront
For the Spring 2017 season, to promote participation by all families, we are introducing a $250 bond for each family or a $150 payout for those that choose not to volunteer (which will be payable upon registration). During the registration process, you will notify the league of which option you choose. The bond must be provided by each family to receive team uniforms at the beginning of the season via a bank check; this check will not be cashed immediately. Once each family provides 4 hours of service, their check will be shredded or returned. If the family does not perform four hours of service by the end of the season, we will notify the family and the check will be cashed. We will have a designated volunteer hours administrator managing the program this season on a weekly basis.

League Fees per Player

Please go to the NWLL Little League Age Chart to confirm the Little League Age of your player. Early registration ends on January 31, 2017; afterward there will be an additional fee of $25 per family.

Rookie Ball

$75.00 plus volunteering per family
  • Ages 4 & 5 (Boys & Girls)
  • Meets once a week on Saturday for 1-1.5 hours
  • Kids cycle through different stations designed to develop skills such as throwing, catching, hitting off tee or underhand soft toss by coach and a simulated game


$120.00 plus volunteering per family
  • Ages 5 & 6 (Boys & Girls)
  • Hit off tee or coach soft tossing from 10-12 feet away
  • Play with softer balls
  • Play twice per week - once may be instructional working on developing skills through different drills
  • No score kept during games
  • For kids still developing skills like how to throw and catch a baseball


$150.00 plus volunteering per family
  • Ages 6-8 Boys | Ages 7-8 Girls
  • Combination of kid pitch and coach pitch (majority will be coach pitch) both from pitcher's mound
  • Play with lighter version of baseball, but not the soft, spongy t-balls
  • Play twice per week - once may be instructional working on developing skills through different drills
  • Games will be played, but with modified rules


$150.00 plus volunteering per family
  • Ages 8-10 (Boys) | Ages 9-10 (Girls)
  • All kid pitch from rubber on mound
  • Play real 6 inning games with umpire
  • Play with standard little league baseball (hard ball)
  • Games played on average twice per week
  • Score will be kept, playoffs at end of season


$150.00 plus volunteering per family
  • Ages 10-12 (Boys) | Ages 11-12 (Girls)
  • 10 year olds should be more advanced
  • Same as Minor Division, but played at a higher level
  • Some games played against teams from other Little Leagues


$150.00 plus volunteering per family
  • Ages 13 & Over (Boys & Girls)